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Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics is adopted by the Iowa Professional Lawn Care Association to promote public service and professionalism. As a member we agree to abide by the following Code:

  1. Act as environmental stewards using landscape products responsibly to enhance and protect the environment.
  2. Utilize personal knowledge and skills to provide the greatest goodwill to the profession and to society.
  3. Further the interest of the turf care industry by interchanging information and experience with other turf care professionals, and contribute to the work of turf care associations, schools of education, turf research institutions and publications.
  4. Be truthful in oral and written statements concerning the services qualified to offer and the benefits that may be expected from such services.
  5. Avoid making unfounded remarks, comments, criticisms which may injure the professional reputation of anyone engaged in the turf care industry.
  6. Uphold the principle of appropriate and adequate compensation for those engaged in turf care work, as essential to the maintenance of high standards of turf care.
  7. Conduct all matters relating to technical activities, business operations, and civic responsibilities of turf care in a manner that will further the status of turf care as a respected profession.
  8. Provide employees training in the safe handling and use of pesticides, and monitor safety and environmental factors relating to services performed.
  9. Abide by laws and regulations affecting the industry and to promote their enforcement.  To acknowledge that governmental and recognized standards are the mutual responsibility of the product manufacturer and user.
  10. Refrain from unfair business practices through: 
  11. Maintaining a reputation for fair and honorable conduct with customers, employees and suppliers;  
  12. Conducting business on the basis of service to the public; 
  13. Avoid using false, misleading or deceptive advertising

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