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Membership benefits


  • Provide professional development opportunities to employers and employees to meet and learn from specialists in the industry. These specialists include outstanding lawn care personnel, research horticulturists, agronomists, environmental specialists, manufacturers, and commercial representatives.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest technology and products in the industry.


  • We market our member companies to consumers through various channels: social media, print media, IPLCA website, affiliate members, and local trade shows.
  • We promote and connect consumers to our IPLCA members through the IPLCA consumer website, which has an interactive map and directory of our member companies.

laws / regulations

  • Keep you abreast of legislation that affects the lawn care industry, along with updates on changes in pesticide bureau rules and codes.


  • Member companies are recognized as a member of a professional organization, desirable to consumers.
  • IPLCA logo stickers provided to members to promote themselves and the organization.


  • IPLCA brings large and small member companies, suppliers, educators, students, and industry leaders together at events.
  • IPLCA website features a members-only online message board for members to ask questions, provide answers, bounce ideas, and communicate regularly.


  • We promote your profession to schools, the public, and other professionals.

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